10 supplements that we rise to the head

Hats, headbands, earmuffs, caps and berets … the world of accessories, this fall, focus on our head.


There is no doubt that accessories are responsible for updating a look. Simply change the bag to win in elegance, go for practicality or wrapped achieve a very casual aura.

If in summer sunglasses are converted in the star piece, it is in winter when our head is wrapped in a auger accessories such as caps and hats, headbands or earmuffs and even with the more frenchified berets with which we get more preppy moving to city.


Signal of personality and style of its own, the world of hat and supplements for the head is of diverse cultures. Blair Waldorf the protagonist of Gossip Girl is a benchmark of style. Its looks are hardly understood if it is not complemented with any accessory of latest trend in your head.


Then we invite you to incorporate one of the following accessories ideal for fighting the cold with the overflow of that style.

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