5 beauty mistakes that make you look older

Grow old with dignity… This is the maximum that we must always apply if we do not wish to end up getting older. And how can we age more trying not to look older? Although it seems a tongue twister, it makes sense. Try to avoid these 5 mistakes in your makeup and you will not have to worry about whether what you are doing makes you look older or no.

make you look older

Makeup like a door
There is nothing that age rather than spend with makeup. Applying the maxim “less is more” get better conceal imperfections and enhance the features to be more favored. Ideally before applying makeup, do a complete beauty treatment to improve the condition of your skin. For example: do a good cleaning with included exfoliating, apply a mask that detox or anti fatigue to re-spoil the signs of stress or weariness, apply a tonic to open the pores and a serum that acts to increase the natural radiance of the skin.

The flash blisters are completely valid when we have the best face for an event. Finally, apply a moisturizer with illuminating effect. For the basis of makeup it is best to apply a CC cream, since that is much more smooth and natural. Then you can apply the powder and concealer as you normally would. And remember: If you makeup eyes, let lips natural, and vice versa.

Graying hair
It is true that recent years have become popular with gray hair, but when our goal is to take away ages, or we have well cared skin, or we will not obtain it. Normally graying hair adds a few more years. It is best that we find a natural tone, to be the same that we had or similar if our objective is to take away age.

Very thin eyebrows
A while ago were popularized the eyebrows in the style of silent movies, but now are being populated. The bushy eyebrows make the face look more childish. In addition, get framing your face and you will favor much more. Although the process of thin eyebrows to populated areas is a little fussy and uncomfortable, it is worth while doing it. When it is long we must go to a beautician or hairdresser, who will know how to pluck better.

Wine-colored lips or substitutes
Paint dark lips can give you a very sophisticated and modern look, but also joining a few ages. If the aim is to subtract ages it is best to choose shades lighter ones, nude and above all which are bright. Matt tones the only thing to do is to increase the sense of wrinkles on the lips.

Skipping beauty routine
This point is the most important, because of your daily routine will depend on you to look younger and brighter skin. We advise you cleanliness in the morning and other one in the night with a specific soap for your type of skin – dry, greasy or mixed. Then you should apply the tonic and a serum containing at least vitamin C. Immediately afterwards, the day cream with minimal solar protector and in the night, a regenerating cream.

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