5 homemade treatments for our eyelashes

To care for eyelashes do not need to spend a large fortune. We currently have more affordable home options and can be equally effective. Only need to know the ingredients, mix them and use! We will show a few incredible eyelashes. Of course, miracles do not exist and what you need is a lot of evidence to start seeing results within two weeks. It aims at our natural recommendations for the growth and maintenance of eyelashes:

care for eyelashes

Green tea: Green tea contains many antioxidants and flavonoids which helps repair and deep cleaning of any protein rest and of eyes and eyelashes. The green tea absorbs impurities of the makeup if we apply it with a cotton swab and we can even put bags in the eyes to lower swelling of dark circles.

Castor oil: It is very popular to promote eyelash growth. We can apply with a cotton swab of the ears every night before going to bed. In less than two weeks we will notice longer and thicker eyelashes. It also has regenerative properties and polishers. It also can be used to increase the thickness of our eyebrows.

Olive oil: If you do not have castor oil, olive oil – against less refined better – will serve as excellent treatment for eyelashes. You just have to apply it with a cotton swab at night and also distribute it for eyebrows. Olive oil is an excellent strengthener, conditioner and rinse.

Other oils: Besides these two mentioned, there are many oils that can help. The ideal ingredients for our eyelashes are vitamin E, almond oil and coconut oil. Just need to mix it in a sterile container and apply the mixture on the root with a clean, sterile and dry brush. We have to do this every night before bed and the next morning to clean our eyelashes with makeup remover.

Eyelashes exfoliation: Eyelashes should also exfoliate from time to time to rehydrate. Only need a tablespoon natural aloe, another rectified boiled Chamomile – you can open a bag of tea – spoonful of cucumber pulp and make a mixture of all ingredients. To apply it you must make soft circular movements and let stand for one to two minutes and then rinse with plenty of water.

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