5 natural oils to nourish your hair

The hair is extremely important for women, since it directly influences the character and mood, including demarcating the professional, personal and even emotional success. Most women take care of their hair, dedicating time to rituals of beauty and care to change times of stress by sensory moments of pleasure. But the urban lifestyle can damage our hair. Some chemicals, the use of hairdryer, dyes or pollution, make our hair become dry, fragile and mistreated over time.

natural oils

5 oils of natural origin for the hair

Safflower oil: This oil serves as a moisture sealant as it forms a layer that prevents it from losing water. It is rich in polyunsaturated fats, omega and high levels of vitamin E, which does that it penetrates easily being beneficial for the dry skin, dyed hair or chemically treated, since it provides nutrients to strengthen the growth of the hair.

Sweet almond oil: It is nutritious and relaxing, it includes vitamins E, D B1, B2, B6 and A, which allow the hair to grow strong and healthy. The sweet almond can be safely used in aromatherapy without side effects, which helps repair both the skin and the hair. In turn it is used to give lightness and remove dandruff from hair.

Avocado Oil: It counts numerous vitamins as the vitamin A, B, C, K, B6 in turn like protein and potassium. Avocado promotes healthy and shiny hair, as these are anti bacterial reduce loss of hair on the contrary this promotes the growth and hydration.

Castor oil: It smooth and boosts growth, since it naturally eliminates dry hair. Castor oil improves health and moisturizes the hair, which gives as a result more complete and lustrous hair.

Jojoba oil: It is an effective oil if protect is treated, avoiding hair loss, dandruff and greasy hair. It is considered as an organic balancer, ideal for all types of hair, but particularly it is indispensable for those dry and mistreated hair that are vulnerable to tangles and damages. It helps to keep hair hydrated and healthy.

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