Victoria Beckham is one of the most internationally recognized icons of style, has marched on the best catwalks in the world and has managed to create elegant collections that carrying not only the celebrities and more demanded actresses but the woman of on foot. In all these years her style has changed, evolved and above all has been refined. We have compiled for you the five style lessons that Victoria Beckham gives. Which is your favorite?

victoria beckham styles

Accessible Collections
Victoria Beckham collections can be found in many department stores. With refined lines, simple and sober colors, the ex-spice girl has managed to develop a concept of fashion and elegant design that has been improving over the years.

Back left the excesses and the showy looks and now bet on sober and elegant lines. Colors such as cream and brown are ideal because it feel great and highlight the female factions. We love the combination with its Louboutin in the same tones. What we said before, if you stick to a select range of colors, you cannot fail.

Black is your great ally
It is the color of elegance par excellence and is always a success, at all times. Even for the day events, do as she does and bet for a look in this color. Decant you by a casual outfit to subtract sobriety to the look and you will be 10.

Your haircut is key
Giving the perfect haircut takes time and the former singer had to go through a multitude of styles until she found the one that best suited her. Thanks to her we have also learned that the looks are not complete without a good haircut.

Add color to your looks
The colors are key in any look and whenever you choose them well, that fit you well to the face and you stick to them without making impossible mixes, you will triumph.

Bet on female silhouettes
Finally, and if something stands out the woman who has imagined Victoria Beckham is the female lines. Their great bets are these cuts accentuating zones like the waist with accessories. Enhancing the curves and the feminine forms is the way in which the designer bets on all their outfits.

Now all that remains is for us to put all these lessons into practice. We must take into account that each woman is different, that the tastes change and above all that each body is unique, not all of us feel the same. In short, elegance resides in what you feel comfortable so no matter how much it is fashionable, it only looks with what you feel yourself.

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