Many girls feel insecure because of her height, but there is nothing that some tricks can not solve. We give you several ways to add inches to your height.

see higher

No more complexes! It’s time to learn to live with the body you have, and that means not only accept, but also understand that there are ways to improve those things that are annoying.

If your problem is that your height does not satisfy you, then there are several ways to see higher and stylized for that image that you desire. Of course, keep in mind that you must work on the basis of reality, which is that these tricks will get to create an illusion of being higher, but it is important that you accept your size.

What is a good way to overcome the complex? Because many guys find out that they prefer shallow and feel a tremendous attraction for this type of girls, so get out there with heads held high! And follow these tips:

Team up with heels: it is clear that they are the best friends of all short woman. The platform heels and good support are the best, because its will tired you much less.

A waist: Take advantage of fashion right now you favors and choose pants, skirts and shorts with cut to the waist, they give the impression that you are taller, lengthening your legs.

No baggy pants: The jeans and trousers of wide or flared boot subtract inches, therefore prefer always those of type skinny cut, because they will make you look more high and stylized.

Thin belts rather than thick: Thin belts make us see higher while the thick, especially at the waist, remaining in sight a few centimeters, something that does not suit us.

Adjust your clothing: Wear anything low that you can spare many inches or poorly collected. If you’re short stature learns to adjust the pieces to the proper length for you, this will make you look much better and higher.

Follow these tips and your figure adds some useful centimeters.

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