5 tips to manage heels like a pro!

The high heels can be super cute to look at, but do you know them? And it is one thing to see and another to handle them properly.

If you are the type who loves high heels, wants to use them, but do not know if it will fall to the 2 steps, then this article is for you! We’ll give you 5 tips to help you learn those tricks.

manage heels

You must be comfortable when using heels, if you start using new heels, the ideal is to start with one of 5-7 cm maximum for practice; also a taco with a square shape will give you greater stability than a taco needle.

The perfect size
The size of the shoes should be precise, should not stay loose nor tight, otherwise the walk will adjust and end up with blisters or else leave your foot shoe in each step you take, so choose the ideal height and width and walk around before buying shoes, do not rely only on design.

Appropriate material
The material where the foot will be soft and not hard or rough, but you get blisters or it will hart your feet so that you can’t give even one step more.

Practice at home
Practice at home, take time every day until it grips the taste and you become an expert. Walk right with head up, legs together. Do not carry the weight on the heels or tacos, but the entire bottom of the foot. Do not lean forward or backward and bending your knees, just put right as if you were modeling.

You don’t walk tight like a robot, walks like moving your hips from side to side slightly, without exaggeration, to give balance.

The most important thing is to have confidence in yourself and every step you take is final and no doubt, because it can bend a foot or falling. Just imagine that you are with flat shoes or slippers.

Control your walk and go!

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