5 ways to dress like a professional woman

Are you a woman who works in offices, who deals with a lot of people and who always needs to be impeccable, but you do not have much budget? Here is the solution for ways to dress like a professional women…..

It is wonderful to be a woman today! Sixty years ago, our grandmothers fought for women’s freedom, our mothers for the rights of women and we and our daughters can already enjoy many of the fruits of their efforts.

professional woman

If you are a business woman, who works in management or administration positions, congratulations! Your daily work and effort make it possible for today’s women to be living the opportunities that gender equity gives us to be able to work, compete and collaborate with men in the various productive sectors of our society.

Now, how to look professional, feminine, comfortable and safe to perform our work, with little budget? That is the great challenge, so, hands-on:

1. Hair and makeup

Although you do not believe it, in this aspect you will spend little money: the hair, usually, is short or on the shoulder. It must always be perfectly combed, collected or with a very well defined structure. No extravagant colors, therefore, you will not spend on dyes or special works. If your hair has many gray hairs, a single color is more than necessary. Remember, nothing very flashy.

For makeup, the same rule applies: minimum and natural. A cream to take care of your skin, a natural base and a light makeup that highlights your features will be more than enough. Look for a cute and discreet lip color, that you can always have with you to touch up the lips when necessary.

2. Accessories, bags and shoes

Your accessories should also be minimal, not flashy or noisy. The image consultants recommend that you wear small earrings, that they do not hang or be very long, a thin neck chain and, if I have said, it should also be small and coordinated with the earrings. Your watch, a bracelet or ring if you are married and no more. You can substitute the chain and the pendant with a scarf: this will give variety to your dress so that it does not look the same every day.

You do not see very well that you carry a purse and portfolio, choose a portfolio or a large bag where you can carry your computer and avoid carrying two bags, it is impractical and unprofessional. An executive is practical and efficient, do not forget it. Shoes, ideally medium-high to high heels, comfortable that allow you to stand for long periods of time and walk. Never use floor or open shoes. Prefers solid colors and tries to have two pairs, so you can use them alternately.

3. Suit, fabrics and colors

A basic of an executive woman is, without a doubt, a dark colored suit. This is the only investment you may have to make. While you can get it, a straight skirt or “pencil cut”, straight pants, a shirt or white blouse and a blazer can do miracles for you. Look for dark colors, so that your shoes, accessories and portfolio can look different by adding a different mask or a set of necklace and earrings that makes them look totally new; that is the key.

Success is a matter of working hard and being patient. Do not feel bad about not having more clothes to wear in the office, the costumes and more beautiful clothes will arrive. A coat, a raincoat and a suit tailored to your needs is more than enough. The rule is: Less, it’s better.

4. Nails and discreet perfume

Nails short or not very long, always well arranged and clean. Avoid bright colors and prefer all natural and unique. You do not need false nails if you are disciplined and file your nails often; you do not need a manicure every week either: feed yourself in a healthy way and avoid bad habits like biting your nails, tearing them out or worse.

Take care that your perfume is discreet. A fragrance must be comfortable and attractive, never vulgar. Keep in mind the professionalism as your seal, not the weaknesses of character or bad habits.

5. General physical image

Please, read with maturity the words that I want to offer you next: every woman sure of herself is beautiful. Her intelligence, education and pleasant conversation is what attracts her, therefore, the use of necklines is not necessary. Avoid mini skirts, deep cleavage or provocative, please.

I repeat: professionalism is your stamp, your image must be such, that you inspire confidence, seriousness and honesty. There is one more issue: take special care with your weight, your hygiene and general health.

Work at the height of your position, show the fruit of your effort, your study and your maturity, be intelligent, prudent, happy and bring to the world of work your best qualities and gifts. The woman is a beacon of light that can have a great influence on those around her.

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