6 Ways to Give Her Beautiful Pearls

When it comes to finding a wonderful gift to give that special lady in your life there is nothing quite like the gift of pearl jewelry. Pearls are universally loved by women of all ages and backgrounds. Jewelry made from cultured and freshwater pearls are instantly recognized to be classy and timeless. Imagine her surprise and happiness when you present her with a gift that she will treasure for life.

pearl bracelet

The great thing about pearls is that they can be turned into several types of exquisite jewelry styles. The only thing you need to do is find a source of quality pearl jewelry and choose a design style.

Pearl Bracelet
Women that wear bracelets enjoy wearing a strand of lovely pearls around their wrist. This is a bracelet that goes with so many outfits in her closet. Be sure to get the correct size. Bracelets featuring pearls come in various sizes and colors. Popular colors are white, pink, gold and black.

Pearl Earrings
One of the most popular ways to give pearls as a gift is in the form of beautiful earrings. A simple, yet classic pair of pearl earrings is a piece of jewelry that she will wear to special events. These are guaranteed to make her feel like a princess or queen. White and black pearl earrings are the most popular. If she already has those colors, go for gold, peach or pink.

Pearl Necklace
The quintessential pearl necklace is an enduring classic. You can truly never go wrong when selecting a strand of pearls for your woman. A pearl necklace is a treasured fashion accessory that works well with casual clothing, work attire and evening wear. Pearls have a special luster that tends to show off the neck area quite beautifully. Women feel like a million bucks when wearing a high quality pearl necklace.

Pearl Pendant
Show her that you care by giving her a fabulous pearl pendant. A solitary pearl elegantly hangs from a gold or silver chain. Pendant settings range from simple to fancy.

Pearl Ring
Win her heart with a beautifully stunning pearl ring. Each ring features a singular flawless pearl that has been specially selected for its lustrous appearance. It will literally glow on her finger.

Pearl Set
Give her an entire set of pearl jewelry that includes earrings, bracelet and necklace.

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