6 Ways to Rock Bohemian Style

Boho is big this year, and with the availability of bohemian style clothing stores both online and off, it’s easier than ever to put together a bohemian wardrobe. Whether you want to go head-to-toe boho or just work a few key pieces into your existing look, these tips will help you rock the bohemian style.

bohemian style

Layer the look… Layers are a hallmark of boho style. A basic top quickly becomes bohemian when you add a paisley print scarf, oversized cardigan or a big shawl. Layers don’t only mean clothes but jewelry and accessories as well. Try layering a variety of textures to bring the look together.

…but don’t overdo it. On the other hand, it’s all too easy to go from a perfectly layered look to fashion disaster with too many, too-long layers. To avoid this, take a good look in the mirror. Check to see if your outfit draws attention away from your face or makes you look heavy. If it does, lose a layer or two. If you’re short, you can easily get swamped in layers so avoid anything that goes past your feet.

Stay true to yourself. The great thing about boho is you can incorporate it into your existing personal style. Is your style romantic? Wear an old fashioned lace scarf layered with pearls. Urban and edge? Go for darker colors and a leather bag. Love the bling? Bring it with metallic bangles and diamond earrings.

Go for boho accessories. A simple outfit of jeans and a white tank top or tunic can be dressed up boho style by adding accessories such as a print or embroidered ethnic scarf, dangly gypsy earrings, lots of bangle bracelets, layered necklaces and gladiator sandals or boots. Don’t forget a big, slouchy bag.

Choose a boho statement piece. One stunning statement piece can transform your usual outfit into pure boho chic. Try flared print pants, a long faux-fur trimmed coat, a sweeping fringe shawl or a floppy hat.

Stick with staples. Boho is all about earthy color palettes, rich fabrics and comfort. Experiment with wearing linen, velvet, silk and chiffon in floral prints or checks. While boho should always be comfy, if you have a loose skirt or pants, wear a form fitting top or belt.

Bohemian style is a soft, feminine style anyone can wear. Follow these tips and you’re sure to look your boho best.

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