Today we bring you some tips to avoid having more trouble apply liquid eyeliner. Read on to find out…

apply liquid eyeliner

Particularly we make up every day and within the makeup accustomed use liquid eyeliner. It is not easy to apply it, many times the lines are crooked, or very thick; but don’t worry about that with these tips you will be spectacular.

Starts with a pencil eyeliner: The liquid eyeliner should be just above the eyelashes, and make a straight line right there, is not easy. Advice is that before applying liquid eyeliner, draw a line stitched (dot) with pencil eyeliner, just above the lashes and then use this as a guide to making your final line.

No trouble: when you go to delineate eyes, get the finite line and slowly add thickness. Do not make it thicker than once, and you can go wrong (very thick) you can run or just does not come out straight. Remember that when you’re in a hurry, you do slow things down, to go well.

Steady Hand: Ensure that hands does not tremble on having delineated the eyes, is a difficult task to accomplish. Advice is to lean on the counter in the bathroom, leaning both elbows on this. And then with your dominant hand, tries to make the line.

Shake the liner: It is important that the liquid eyeliner shake well, because if you do not, this may be too thick for a ideal application.

A durable application: The biggest complaint is that the liquid eyeliner run or clears very quickly. Advice to make it not happen is, apply eye shadow first, then this, put on eyeliner and give the finishing touch with mascara.

Storage: We advise you not keep your eyeliner in the bathroom: Why? Well because when you shower or take a bath, steam increases the humidity in the room. So there may be a high risk of condensation inside the liquid liner, which will make a hell apply it to you correctly.

Let it dry: A common mistake that is made is not given enough time for the liner to dry properly. You can solve this problem in two ways. First you can buy a fast drying liner, so no need to wait for dry. And second, wait for it to dry your eyeliner; you can use a fan or piece of cardboard to help it dry faster.

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