7 Ways To Stay Stylish Without Sacrificing Comfort

Most women aim to look great when they can, but sometimes it feels like it’s not possible to look fashion-forward without sacrificing comfort. On some days, you just don’t feel like being constricted by your clothes or hobbling around in heels – you just want to feel good. Fortunately, there are plenty of simple ways to dress your best without surrendering to total discomfort.

stay stylish

Get your footwear right. The shoes you wear can make or break your outfit, both in terms of comfort and style. A great quality pair of boots that fit just right is the best possible solution to this problem. They’ll look awesome with a pair of skinny jeans or a sundress, and should hold up for years to come. Look for boots that will be sturdy enough to take you everywhere like rm williams boots melbourne, and choose a pair for each season so you can keep your feet happy all year round.

Steer clear of high heels that don’t fit your feet. Unfortunately, there are moments in life when you have to take your boots or sandals off and slip into something more formal. If you have to wear heels, find a pair that actually works for your feet. Fitted insoles will make walking less painful, and the right fit should keep your feet feeling secure. Choose a neutral colour that you can match with a wide range of outfits and consider it an investment.

Get into athleisure. Lucky for us comfort-lovers, athleisure is on trend at the moment. This means your favourite comfy sweatpants might look just as cool as streetwear as they do on your couch. Pair sweats with stylish sneakers and a blazer for a modern twist on the trend. Dress like you’re on your way to a really, really fashionable gym.

Rock jumpsuits in the summer. Summer is the best time to get creative with your fashion choices, and there are tons of interesting options to choose from right now. A super-comfortable and on-trend option is jumpsuits, or the shorter playsuit version of the style. Pick one in an easy to wear and wash fabric that’s light enough to wear on hot days.

Throw on a stylish coat or jacket. A printed, statement coat can dress up even the most laid back outfits. If you feel like wearing lounge clothes but don’t want to look too sloppy, just throw on your favourite jeans-and-t-shirt combo and layer a printed coat over it. You’ll instantly look chic while maintaining your comfort standards.

Switch to the shift. Many of us don’t feel like wearing our usual work outfits sometimes, and wish we could just stay home in our pyjamas instead. Meet yourself in the middle and find a work look that doesn’t feel restrictive. Shift dresses are perfect for this – they’re light and loose, giving you plenty of breathing room, but don’t look out of place in even the most formal office environment.

Layer up. Dressing for the weather can be tricky, particularly in those awkward seasonal transition months. Make sure you always feel just right by layering light clothing to keep warm in the morning. Muted colours look best for this trend, particularly when you work with varying length proportions and luxurious fabrics.

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