8 elegant hairstyles for Christmas

If you have a marriage, Christmas holiday work or want to look exquisite on Christmas, here bring 8 elegant styling options that you can make yourself.

hairstyles for christmas

Sideways Queue: This is a super easy hairstyle, just do a tail on one side, and the league does not see you, have a braid and place it around, holding it with some clips. Another variation, once past the queue, then reverses the top up, tied with a rubber band and then covers it with some embellishment.

Bun or tucked under with headband: when I speak of headband or headdress, I do not mean a crown. Just a trim around, the kind that is so fashionable. For this look, make a low bun, something loose and then place the headdress; giving a ancient look.

Bun or collected high with headband: This hairstyle is done under the same principles as above; but to achieve the tousled look, you should do a high ponytail and then tie hair tousled around a circle, ie, with some loose hair. You can leave them alone or if you want you can add a headband or a beautiful ribbon.

Bun or collected with braid: The high bun is the preferred choice in elegant hairstyles. If you are not very skilled, suggest doing a touch a braid (of hair) around.

Bun or collected with braid headband: Become a tail at the nape, then divide it into two equal parts, with two plaits and braids carries forward these to the prefer height. So that this hairstyle remains pretty, you must have longish hair.

Bun or collected pump: First should clarify that in many countries the pump called crepe. For this hairstyle make a bomb (breaking the hair and then combing above) and then collect the hair in a bun at the nape.

Bun or collected under with braid: First become a tail at the nape, then make several small braids and roll up forming around a bun. If you want to give it a more elegant or festive, you can place small pins or hooks with pearls.

Bun or modern collected: To give a modern look or wet, advise to get out of the shower, put in all the hair gel or pomade. Fine comb and then go back bun at the nape, or simply a high ponytail.

Finally, you must not get anxious very much with a much elaborated hairstyle. The important thing is that you look flawless and if you’re not very expert adds a brooch or jewel to any of the above styles (which will make it easier) and get a sophisticated look.

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