8 Great Ideas for Gift Jewelry

Gift jewelry can be a tricky thing. What if she doesn’t like the color? What if she never wears pearls? Worst of all, what if you buy pierced earrings when she secretly uses clip-ons?

gift jewelry

The demands of gift jewelry are definitely great, but don’t worry, there’s still hope. If you’re determined to give her a jewelry box for her next birthday or anniversary, here are just eight accessories that are always welcome.

Anklets are a romantic present because they’re so often unseen by anyone other than the wearer. Only the two of you will know that she’s adorned with an inscription of your love.

Opera-Length Necklaces
Necklaces are a classic gift idea, but if you aren’t careful, your delicate chain will turn into a choker. Buy an opera-length necklace instead; they’ll bypass the throat entirely and rest on her shirt.

No woman can resist her birthstone. She probably wouldn’t mind a ruby, either, since they’re timeless expressions of love and passion. Sapphires are more hit-and-miss, but emeralds are sure to delight as well.

Charm Bracelets
Charm bracelets are a thoughtful gift idea that can be customized depending on the lady. For example, if she loves animals, give her charms of cats and koalas. If she’s a sucker for romance, make each charm a meaningful memento of a time you two shared together.

Is your girlfriend constantly checking her phone for the time? Give her a delicate watch inlaid with semi-precious stones so she’ll see the time and proof of your love.

Shell Jewelry
Shells are fun, unique decorations for jewelry, and better yet, they’re completely gender-neutral. You can buy his-and-her bracelets for the both of you!

Pinky Rings
If you aren’t quite ready to put a ring on it, consider branching out from the fourth finger to the pinky. Pinky rings are a romantic gesture without the implied commitment.

They may be a girl’s best friend, but if you’re the one gifting them to her, she’ll think pretty highly of you, too. If you give her diamonds, she’ll be yours forever.

These are just eight ways to impress her with jewelry. Whether you’re shopping for an anniversary present or just looking to surprise her with a token of your affection, use these gift ideas to wow her every time.

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