A bra for every type of woman

In the world there are as many women as bras. For this reason it is important that we know to choose the best bra for us.

different types of bras

Many of us mistakenly carry bras that we believe appropriate to our chest but they really are too large or small, narrow or wide or are simply not comfortable. While it is true that to look sometimes you have to suffer, in this case the world intimate apparel is a maze in which you will have to know how to move. It is equally important underwear as the outside and therefore gives you a few tricks to learn which clothing fits better for our bodies.

The first thing you must know are the types of bras that are in stores now, to then know which is best suited to your physiognomy:

Push up bra: This is a bra that together, focus and increases breast volume allowing us to put more low-cut shirts. Many bras of this type have a little padding or foam inside to round up and slightly increase the chest.

Breast reduction bra: Rounded and reduces the chest. It is ideal for women with large or separate chest because it makes a cup which fastens the chest and slightly rounded.

Basic Bra: This is a bra that is not noticed and therefore does not mark under the shirt. The foam inside the bra fits shape and conceals the volume. It is ideal for small breasts, since it is not noticed and you can take it with all kinds of t-shirts.

Bra with extra support: It has the most wide straps and distributes breast without pressing. It can be used for all types of breasts whether large or small, it is comfortable for sports.

Do not forget that the most important thing is to know your body, your measurements and that you use the correct size of bra. For any doubt the saleswomen will be able to advise you on which model is more suited to your way but in the meantime you can take note of the different types of bras.

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