A garment three looks: The jumpsuit

We take the jumpsuit, better known as the monkey, it has become fashionable to make the most of a garment, which at first glance may seem a little complicated to wear.


The jumpsuit, the whole garment of how fashion has been this summer, but create more of a question when dressing, becomes our hero of the week at the traditional “A garment three looks”.

This time, we focus on a single integer, long trousers in navy blue with black trim on it can become an excellent wildcard both for a enter and return to the office with great style, and for an afternoon stroll or a night of glamor and sophistication. It all depends on how we play with accessories, vary the final result.

Of course, before you opt for a jumpsuit, keep in mind some styling tips so that the result is perfect and very flattering. According to your height, waist Monkey will impact one way or another. Also, avoid models very tight, tight at the waist, with pleats at the belly if you want to neutralize the stomach area. Opt for a V-neckline to enhance the bust and prevents strapless model if you have little bulky chest or front. Remember that if the pants are straight it will bring slenderness. Finally, remember that being a whole monochromatic piece, get stylize the figure.

Mindful of the three ways to wear a jumpsuit according to time, place and situation.

To return to the office, do it with style and good taste. The monkey can be an alternative to the classic trouser clip. Pair it with a high heel and a handbag briefcase.


For an afternoon stroll, although costing you to believe this type of jumpsuit also knows how to be casual. The secret is to combine it with accessories and less sophisticated accessories with a more jovial.


The last combination is designed for a night out. A terrace, a cocktail … When the occasion requires elegance, attentive to how to combine the jumpsuit.


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