A Guide to Styling Golden Jewellery

Golden jewellery has adorned countless princesses, brides and fashionistas the world over for centuries. The luxurious metal is capable of adding a noticeable sense of class and character to just about any ensemble. But that’s not to say golden jewellery doesn’t have its favourites when it comes to what it works best with.

Golden Jewellery

To help you make the most of your royal baubles, we’ve put together a guide to styling them to their best potential. Here you will learn about how to coordinate your accessories, which pieces work best, and the specific colours that will make the biggest impact.

Colours That Complement

Black: A simple combination that does the best job at making your golden jewellery shine. Think plain black dress with some sleek black heels, or add some character with a black skirt and a white button-up.

Red: Regarded as a symbol of wealth and power in ancient Asia, red and gold is equal parts sexy and sophisticated.

White: Perhaps the most timeless combination of them all, white keeps your golden jewellery looking classy and breezy, making it a perfect pairing for a summer’s day.

Emerald Green: For something a little different, consider this fun pairing. Look out for textures that make the colour shine, such as a velvet dress or fur jacket.

Blue: Synonymous with royalty, gold and blue is a combination that will never fail you.

Ways to Wear Gold

Time it Right: Earrings and necklaces aren’t the only way to gild your ensemble. A watch with a classy golden case or strap works just as well. However, they can end up looking a little too serious for casual outfits. To combat this, pick up a watch with some colour. It can be as simple as a navy-blue strap or as lively as a rainbow face.

Chain it Up: For a truly impactful summer look, pair your favourite swimsuit with some chains. A chunky chain embellished in charms creates a striking impression, while a choker-length link will keep you looking sleek and streamlined.

Seaside Style: Gold works surprisingly well when formed around some glamorous oceanic delights. It’s a great way to add some tropical vibes to your summer outfit, be it in the form of seashell-shaped earrings or a pearl-embellished necklace.

Bonus Tips

When shopping for golden jewellery, remember to focus on quality over quantity. You don’t want something that’s going to fall apart or fade away within a few months. At the same time, buying real gold jewellery can serve as a lucrative investment for the future. Take a look at these Annoushka 18ct Gold pieces for some ideas on what to pick up.

And while you can make your accessories do the talking by pairing them with more simple pieces, busy patterns can work surprisingly well with certain types of gold jewellery. Jewels with warm appearances, such as rubies, amber gems and canary diamonds, work better when complemented by cool colours.

Don’t hesitate to experiment and find new ways to style your golden jewellery. You might just discover the next big trend!

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