A lipstick for every woman’s style, choose yours!

As for cosmetics, if there is anything we can know is that they have many forms and conditions as styles there for every woman. Therefore, depending on how we are and what we want to show we can choose the type of makeup that best suits us. Today we talk about one infallible cosmetic, the lipstick, depending on what you want to convey will suit your face and own style to relocate for every occasion.

lipstick for every woman

Are we classic women and especially practices? Then the lipstick we have to use can be a nude that combines quite yet in its matte version. It will worth for any situation and will look good, and not have to think of another color. It is also suitable the typical colorless gloss that beats us with any style and which will also bring volume to our lips, like a pencil in barely visible pink.

If we are trendy and sophisticated women our color is the rouge. To go to work, for a casual hangout or for a special appointment: red is our ally! Matt, lip gloss or pencil versions will depend on what is more convenient to use and like it more at the level of result.

If we are transgressive and risky, and we like to surprise with lipstick, perhaps most importantly, think of those colors that can be combined with clothes: wine, burgundy, eggplant, orange … If we focus on the mouth, we create an unobtrusive eye look.

And if what we want is to be discrete, natural and feminine women, we have to think about that wonderful palette of earth tones that will make us always perfect without being overdone. Keep lip gloss to give the final touch of brilliance that will make us always divine. Natural and bright colors are ideal for enhancing our natural beauty without excesses, so we focus on lip gloss in ‘rosette’ or ‘flesh’ semi transparent color. What’s yours?

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