Is there of fashion to show some specific part of the body? The new necklines are in the most discreet and unexpected places. It takes to teach ankle, abdomen … But above all, this summer takes to teach shoulders and clavicles.

bare shoulders

For that reason, this season the queen fashion trend that is hitting harder is to look bare shoulders, and no wonder, because it is a fad that has infinite possibilities and is most flattering. And you: do you know what this new trend is? Do not lose detail and join it:

Like everything else, this trend had already taken many years ago, but for some time over here was lost and was almost impossible to find in stores with clothes that show off shoulders. This summer, the bare shoulders trend has regrown stronger than ever, so it is very common that we do not stop to see dresses, shirts and blouses with this detail.

How to wear bare shoulders? You’re in luck, because you can do in a thousand different ways. If you are not wearing very bold, it is best to bet on a blouse or shirt like this, as it will be modern but not too extravagant.

If you are someone that dares to everything you should bet on a dress that take bare shoulders, and the best to give a plus of sophistication is to be straight-waist.

If you’re crafty and make your own pledges of clothes you can try with this tendency, since the only secret is to keep a little more fabric and place a rubber contour of your torso including arms.

You know, this summer gets a needle and thread or take advantage of rebates and get a garment that show off shoulders, it will give you a youthful, modern and most summer air, you will not regret it.

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