After cold effects on your lips, how to protect them?

With the cold, the lips also suffer. While it is necessary to care for this delicate skin throughout the year, in the winter it will be necessary to double this care. Basically, extreme temperatures dehydrate and dry lips, leaving them more vulnerable to cracking and peeling. Then let’s review what the most frequent sequels of cold on the mouth are.

cold effects on your lips

Be burned: The cold wind especially, but also the winter sun, burn the delicate skin of the lips. To protect them, even during the coldest season of the year will be used to leave a good lip balm with solar factor.

Be dehydrate: Lack of water or dehydration caused by cold, directly affects the lips, making them look dry and wrinkled. In addition to drinking plenty of water per day, it uses a specific moisturizing and nourishing formula for lips that already helps to retain the moisture to have a few more hydrated and healthy lips.

Flake off: To prevent peeling, the result of dehydration, the daily beauty routine should include an exfoliation and hydration of this area. Well you can use a commercial scrub or prepare at home: for instance, prepares one with honey and sugar to give small circular massages on the area and eliminate dead cells. Then use an appropriate cream or balm for lips. At night, before bed, do not forget to apply on them a special repairing balm, as it will help to regenerate and nourish the skin deeply.

Bleeding: Sometimes dehydration is such that it can cause small lesions on the lips and make that bleed. This is not only annoying but also unsightly. Try not to reach this point, and in any case, be a warning sign that you should pay more attention to them.

Beware with the dark lipsticks: Before makeup, you should make sure you have the lips in good condition because, otherwise, the end result can be anti-aesthetic, especially if you choose very dark shades of lipsticks.

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