Aim these tricks to look thinner

Hide those extra kilos is not always easy, but it is very clear that the clothes we wear can accentuate them or make them go under the table depending on whether we choose the right clothes. Doing so is not easy, so we give you some clues you get it without problems.

tricks to look thinner

Sometimes our wardrobes can become our main enemy, but wisely choosing certain clothes can lose weight a few kilos in just a minute. You do not know how? We teach you.

High cut pants: Besides being very fashionable, high-waisted pants get a wonderful effect to reduce our belly and make our legs look longer, creating a slimmer look. Thus avoiding at all costs low cut pants or hip, which are more suitable for very thin women.

Seat Belts where must go: Use a dress with a belt at the waist, for example, will make the smallest part of your body is accentuated hiding the rest and also reducing your belly. Quick and easy.

Dark colors at strategic points: if you want to hide wide hips, a pronounced belly or too large bust, never use bright colors in this area. Red, orange, yellow and expand garish tones, so better choose dark colors for these areas if you want to see thinner.

A band: To put everything in your holy place nothing better that a belt. It will not be very sexy but quite effective, especially when you use tight models.

Beware of prints: Horizontal stripes and oversize prints expand that’s why use them sparingly or, if possible, remove them from your wardrobe if you want to look slimmer.

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