Artisan Earrings: Earrings made by hand

The gold and silver are not the only materials that can make earrings. Now, many people use unusual materials. When you visit remote communities in the city, or remote villages, people who live there also perform their own manufacturing jobs to get money.

artisan earrings

So, if ever earrings made from seeds, or tissues using fiber that are extracted from the trees, then you have nothing to surprise. Using handmade earrings is nothing new and you can start doing it.

The trend has become so popular; we can now find handmade earrings anywhere at any price. The distinctive feature of these earrings not only is the elaboration of the product but the material used to make it.

While the earrings are manufactured manually, and therefore possess specificity in terms of designs, materials used are achieved within the environment and are not specially prepared for arming the earrings. It can be made of wood with hand-painted designs, seeds of fruit painted with natural dyes or color pens. It can even be made from extravagant materials like coconut, huairuro (which are very famous because of the popular belief of good luck) or seashells.

The creativity to make handmade earrings is infinite. It does not take much money to the development if you have the craft materials. The complicated arrives at the time of use the hands to do so. No need to be a skilled in the art, the important thing is to try to do with the design that we like.

Depending on the materials used for the processing, the artisan earrings have different prices. It can become expensive if the materials are hard to get and manufacturing has been complicated.

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