Attach star: Moschino bag

We can not avoid it, when a complement of a recognized fashion brand brings to market an ornament like no other; we have to have it in our closet. Although a priori it may seem that no fault at all with the rest of our clothes and we will not take advantage, we often come to realize that fashion is such traps makes fall trends and over time. We talk about, how not, the ultimate collection of creative director of Moschino, Jeremy Scott, its current enfant terrible, which showed in the gateway that the children’s menus in the fast-food chain McDonald’s are not only power, but that can also be fashionable.

Moschino bag

At first, all we miss it, but then we knew it, we didn’t pass without that bag with the giant M! Now that we have already succumbed to the temptation, would we doing the most to make these two colors so characteristic of the house combined with our clothes?

First, we can think that it would be best to combine it with basic colors and completely neutral, so that what stands out above all is the bag. Therefore, now that the summer gives its last tail, it would be time to combine it with our little white favorite dress or a long dress in nude color, for example.

As we progress through the meantime, and until that Scott gives us a new adornment to think, we should also ask ourselves what clothes are the most recommended in this case. The binomial worn cowboy and super feminine white blouse, accompanied by some heels or ballerinas will be ideal for street look.

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