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Why skin exfoliation is so important?

skin exfoliation

Often speaks to the skin exfoliation and how positive it is for your health and esthetics to do it often but: why? In this article we told you what these good reasons are. In principle, remember that to reap the benefits of exfoliation it is advisable to do so once a week. Exfoliation basically serves to remove the upper layer ...

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Palazzo, cropped and High Pants: Pants of the season

palazzo pants

The pants are the kings of our closet. Turn wildcard for any look for day or night, pants demonstrate versatility with three very different sections: palazzo, cropped and high pants. Choose the one that best suits you and discover the keys to getting the most out of this must have. Palazzo Pants Whether you’re tall or not, this garment does ...

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6 Ways to Rock Bohemian Style

bohemian style

Boho is big this year, and with the availability of bohemian style clothing stores both online and off, it’s easier than ever to put together a bohemian wardrobe. Whether you want to go head-to-toe boho or just work a few key pieces into your existing look, these tips will help you rock the bohemian style. Layer the look… Layers are ...

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Makeup tricks with glasses

makeup with glasses

The girls who have to wear glasses tend to have problems when it comes to makeup, since the glasses can overshadow your makeup or fighting directly with it. That’s why you have to follow some tricks to use makeup with glasses and it is great. There are things that always work, but we must also consider our eyes tone and ...

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Winter Fashion: Bomber jacket

bomber jacket

If a garment that never goes out of fashion and that, year after year, we see on celebrities and fashion bloggers, that is the bomber jacket. This piece of military origin is a must in style during the cold months, especially when temperatures still allow us to wear some thick clothes. That’s why bomber jacket, a must that can not ...

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Star garment: Faux fur coat

wear faux fur coats

If a star garment ideal for this time of year, this is the faux fur coat. This faux fur coat is a must in our wardrobe for the cold month. If you are thinking of renovating coat this season, opt by the faux fur coat. There are no celebrities that do not have a faux fur coat. It is an ...

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Key style: How to dress for success in New Year

dress for new year

End of year is one of the most special days of the year. If we are lucky and must attend a party of end of year, we need to know some key style to succeed in a special date. In these celebrations we must seize to go out and buy a bright dress, either gold or silver or with many ...

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How to dress for the holidays: forget the black!

dress for holidays

Christmas parties are falling and still don’t know how you’re going to dress up? Many times it is difficult to know what the most appropriate costumes to go out on these occasions. The holidays are one of the events where we can show garment therefore we will be able to extract of the closet our most daring and bright clothes. ...

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Browse Online For The Best Selection Of Plus Size Women’s Swimwear

Plus Size Women's Swimwear

Finding a bathing suit that flatters a woman’s body is one of life’s most difficult tasks. Bodies are unique and different and this makes finding a bathing suit that fits a woman’s body and personality extremely difficult. Stores often cater to the “ideal” size society deems appropriate and finding a bathing suit in a plus size (ranging from 8 to ...

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Home remedies against dandruff

against dandruff

The dandruff is a fairly common problem which is not only unsightly but can also cause itching and discomfort in the scalp to better prevent and/or stop. It is caused by the growth of bacteria and fungus that causes the MF or Malassezia Furfur, which provokes that the skin becomes detached in scales of dry skin and accumulate in the ...

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