against dandruff

The dandruff is a fairly common problem which is not only unsightly but can also cause itching and discomfort in the scalp to better prevent and/or stop. It is caused by the growth of bacteria and fungus that causes the MF or Malassezia Furfur, which provokes that the skin becomesRead More →

different types of bras

In the world there are as many women as bras. For this reason it is important that we know to choose the best bra for us. Many of us mistakenly carry bras that we believe appropriate to our chest but they really are too large or small, narrow or wideRead More →

pronovias dresses

The color blue is a safe bet for the elegant dresses, which can lead to any party or wedding. Pronovias also seems to have the same idea and that is why we discover how its new collection has a hue so flattering. It is said that the blue represents tranquilityRead More →

winter vest

If you are bored of the typical warm winter cloth in shades such as black or gray, you can opt by the new fashion to wear vest. We are not referring to fur vests boho-chic style, although these remain trend thanks to the inspirations of stars like Olivia Palermo, butRead More →

cocktail dress

One of the meetings or social gathering more top at present is the cocktail. Many times it is difficult to know how we get dressed, what is the most ideal for an event of this kind or how we draw attention without highlighting too. Therefore, we leave some etiquette tipsRead More →

combine your knitwear

Autumn arrives full of formulas for the original dress, the fashion, and above all without being cold. The knitwear is one of the most top trends this season and, without a doubt, a classic that can not miss in our closet. Sometimes we were wrong when we think of knitwearRead More →

ally to look thinner

A person may be thinner or thicker than it is, depending on the clothes you use. If you want thinner with just knowing how to choose your wardrobe and style look, you’ve come to the right place; we will give you tricks to achieve it. Clothes can make you lookRead More →

keep in mind when choosing shoes

Buying shoes is not as simple and less task today when we have so many options. Many times we fell in love with a pair of shoes that we saw in a store and buy it blindly and when we got home already they do not seem to us soRead More →

tips to look younger

Over time, we all want younger ourselves. Today we bring some beauty tips to look younger. Are prepared to put these tips into practice? Read on to boast a younger face! It is important to note that the makeup is as different as we age. And hence the importance ofRead More →