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Choose dress that’s perfect for you

choose dress

To choose a versatile image of all that we can desire take depending on the day, it is true that a garment can give us the greatest satisfaction: a dress. If we are very feminine women with a sophisticated touch, more than likely that we can carry out different looks based on a single dress. To do this, we need ...

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How to wear ‘crop-tops’

wear crop-tops

They were absolute last year trend, when suddenly; we find that the 90’s were again highly topical. We refer, of course, it has to do with crop-tops, that piece of clothing that was introduced in our closets for a couple of seasons, and no plans to leave just like that. It is logical that these kinds of garments we considered ...

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8 Great Ideas for Gift Jewelry

gift jewelry

Gift jewelry can be a tricky thing. What if she doesn’t like the color? What if she never wears pearls? Worst of all, what if you buy pierced earrings when she secretly uses clip-ons? The demands of gift jewelry are definitely great, but don’t worry, there’s still hope. If you’re determined to give her a jewelry box for her next ...

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Wedges, also for everyday!


Often when we think about the type of footwear this summer, comes to mind certainly a kind of shoes that take us from many troubles during these hot months: the wedges. They are higher than any flat shoe, and can establish a type of heel that is more comfortable than some salons or peeptoes. Undoubtedly, this is an easy and ...

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The monkey, the best ally of summer

monkey dress

Every summer there are items that reappear in our closet, some we receive them with open arms, and others not so well by not sit as we would like, and what is clear is that the monkey is in the good side as this debate concerns. The monkeys are a piece of relatively young clothing, that years ago no one ...

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Trend: Citrus colors

citrus colors

Although in matters of fashion, there are several trends that are set each season, it is true that some take more into consideration than others what we carry in every season. In this case, we mean no doubt to a series of shades, which adhere to what we consider citrus colors. These are undoubtedly the orange, yellow or even greens ...

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Hair Lore: Fact or Fiction?

Hair Lore

With all the hair remedies floating around, it can be difficult to decipher truth from fantasy. Should you soak your hair in milk and eggs and use beer as a conditioner? What is the real story about oils? You may have heard that they can make your hair stronger, longer, and shinier, but how do you know? If you have ...

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Learn how to apply foundation

apply foundation

If there is a product of makeup that we use every day of the year, whatever the occasion and regardless where we are going to run, that’s the foundation. Choosing the best foundation for our skin is what will make us feel safe when our makeup and we can be perfect all the time for establishing the beauty look. But ...

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Ideas for combining espadrilles

combining espadrilles

It is an undeniable fact, re-take the sandals! We like them or not in the first instance, it is true that regardless of the brand of shoes, we find this type of unconventional shoes that have become a must have completely unique. Although at first we swear not to turn to put on them, after have been banished from our ...

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Star fabric: printed dresses

printed dresses

If there is a trend that certainly goes back every year and of course every summer whatever the occasion, these are the prints. The prints are a must that we can not ignore, since it can get to establish how we want to build our outfits. Therefore, it is suitable that we make with some items of this style for ...

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