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Star Turn: Birkenstock Sandals

birkenstock sandals

There is no possible way to point in this type of fashion: either love, or simply hate it. That is, kind of shoes that many women are dying to be worn, and that others will not buy even under torture. In defense, can be said that these typical foreigner slippers that if we put have ever been put them we ...

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Trend: The pearls are in fashion

pearls in fashion

The pearls are a stylish addition, but have always been linked to a classic style, almost elderly. However, we are fortunate that fashion comes and goes, and makes any garment or accessory into something trendy and fashionable. Now pearls have also become a supplement to be taken, and can be worn with any style. The pearl necklaces have been linked ...

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Attach star: Moschino bag

Moschino bag

We can not avoid it, when a complement of a recognized fashion brand brings to market an ornament like no other; we have to have it in our closet. Although a priori it may seem that no fault at all with the rest of our clothes and we will not take advantage, we often come to realize that fashion is ...

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Star turn: Raffia hats

raffia hats

Sometimes, when we want to build a fashion look about what we’re going to put on a certain day, although the garments are very simple and comfortable, accessories make the difference. Having the ideal complement will always wonderful when we go out into the street, and we are against the order of street style that belongs to us. Therefore, in ...

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Yellow pants, yes or no?

Yellow pants

In the fashion world, it is common with certain tendencies or must specific; we are able to position ourselves to one side or the other if we want to take that as concrete that everyone goes crazy, or if instead it seems something terrible. It happens now with the ugly shoes, has been much controversy with the shims, and with ...

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Cocktail dresses for every occasion

Black Cocktail Dress

Really, there are times when the cocktail dresses are unsurpassed in terms of elegance and style. Whether for a birthday, a party, or any other kind of event, a choice between many cocktail dresses available will make any woman feel both comfortable and sexy. These dresses are the most popular events to bring in both small and discreet as on ...

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How to be a ‘trendy’ Mom

trendy mom

In the past, a woman could not combine the ability to retain her femininity with role as future mother. In other words, it is not that she could not continue to be concerned about image, but the concept of trendy mom was not as widespread as today. So getting to be that kind of woman sure of herself and try ...

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Choose dress that’s perfect for you

choose dress

To choose a versatile image of all that we can desire take depending on the day, it is true that a garment can give us the greatest satisfaction: a dress. If we are very feminine women with a sophisticated touch, more than likely that we can carry out different looks based on a single dress. To do this, we need ...

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How to wear ‘crop-tops’

wear crop-tops

They were absolute last year trend, when suddenly; we find that the 90’s were again highly topical. We refer, of course, it has to do with crop-tops, that piece of clothing that was introduced in our closets for a couple of seasons, and no plans to leave just like that. It is logical that these kinds of garments we considered ...

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8 Great Ideas for Gift Jewelry

gift jewelry

Gift jewelry can be a tricky thing. What if she doesn’t like the color? What if she never wears pearls? Worst of all, what if you buy pierced earrings when she secretly uses clip-ons? The demands of gift jewelry are definitely great, but don’t worry, there’s still hope. If you’re determined to give her a jewelry box for her next ...

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