white shirt

Do you usually wear a white shirt to go to work? This spring, we teach you to optimize forms combine to update your office looks. If there is a basic garment that can not miss in the wardrobe is the white shirt. Versatile, comfortable and above all easy to use.Read More →

prepare hair for spring

With the arrival of spring, the months of good weather and these days in which the coat begins to overrun, it is necessary that we put all parts of our body according to the temperature that we are about to experience. Although the weeks that we are waiting all yearRead More →

concert outfits

With good weather, the arrival of spring, heat and weeks ahead, it is logical that we are starting to make plans that have to do with the overall holiday and summer in particular. To further the ideas of beach, relaxation, total disconnect and always keep in mind another type ofRead More →

lady style

Is there anything more feminine than a dress with flight, good heels and a handbag? Probably whenever we wear in this way it gives the feeling of going very arranged, elegant and above all, exploiting every facet of our women. This style has a name and is considered a lady.Read More →

care of your feet

Whenever we want to be beautiful look in certain areas of our bodies that make us feel beautiful every day. For this, we must know the beauty treatments that will help us as these parts of our anatomy that are better than ever. In this case we speak of theRead More →

blush last longer

One of the key impressions we have when buying makeup is that the product in question lasts as long as possible. Not having to touch us every ten minutes, which hold without fear sweats or long hours is something that concerns us all. However, not all elements of beauty thatRead More →

ideal facial tonic

Facial Tonic is ideal for removing cleanser residue and tightens pores. But what is right for your skin type? We will explain it. While not a must-have item in the routine of beauty, the facial toner helps us keep our skin in better condition, preventing pores too open, which improvesRead More →

choose mascara

One of the maxims for all the lovers of the world of the beauty and the cosmetics is to have a few eyelashes as nice as possible. To do this, we need to stop and think about exactly what we need in terms of mascara is concerned. Depending on howRead More →

YSL Tribute Sandals

If there are something unique fashion brands and trends, its particularity is to make special one piece within their arsenal of clothing or accessories in a collection. This means that there is always something else that has to do with a line, whether clothes, ornaments or shoes that strikes usRead More →