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What ‘jeans’ you favor most?

jeans that suit

We all have our favorite jeans in the closet. Those jeans that we bought a few years ago and we favor its texture, especially its tissue, its stylized form, makes us thinner or otherwise highlight our curves, hides our flaws and brings out our strengths and the beauty of our body. However, it happens many times that, inevitably, those jeans ...

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The Best Breast Forms

breast forms

Most men are aware of breast forms. In this era of beauty and fashion, silicone breast forms are a great way to get real size. Both men and women are, at this very moment, using silicone breasts in various countries of the world. What are the main characteristics of the silicone breast form? First, they look like original and natural ...

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The Best Things To Look For In An Online Shop

shopping online

Everyone has fun shopping, and some people enjoy shopping online, too. However, most aren’t aware that some things are almost always available at a better rate online than off. Some products are simply more affordable if ordered online due to differences in the costs to suppliers and retailers, and these savings often get passed onto customers to allow online retailers ...

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Trend ‘cut out’: Include it in your closet

cut out trend

Do you dare to look and enhance some of the areas of your body? Joined the trend ‘cut out’… Trends come and go, and when we believe that a must have forgotten between the remnants of the past, returns with more force than ever before. Or on the contrary, that one of the fashion guidelines that bringing less hype at ...

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Corsets: femininity and sensuality


Choose the perfect touch when composing a look for a given time is something essential to dress. Whether for a day’s work, for a meal with friends, for a night out or a romantic dinner with your guy, you choose the ideal outfit is a priority. For this reason, having a special piece in your wardrobe that is different from ...

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Garments that lengthen your figure

lengthen figure

Stylize our body is possible if you know how to combine clothes that we have. Wanting to have a more elongated figure that our body appears much thinner at least optically is a desire of many women who do not succeed by physical circumstances. Many times, the trick lies not in express diets or in impossible heels – although its ...

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Tips when using leggings

using leggings

The leggings are versatile garments that have solved the lives of more than one, but we have to follow certain recommendations that may help some embarrassment to be passed or criticism is not very pleasant. It is a garment that is used in all parts of the world, but despite being so comfortable and seemingly “simple” to display, you must ...

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Metallic Shoes

metallic shoes

Shoes are an excellent supplement to any woman’s wardrobe, from vertiginous heels, to the most comfortable sandals in the world, each of our shoes says something about us and our mood oddly enough. Here we want to offer some information on another major trend that is slowly turning the corner but has always been leaning head, metallic shoes. No doubt ...

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Tips to match clothes properly

match clothes properly

Many times we face our closets thinking “I have nothing”, “I need clothes,” or simply “I do not know what to wear”, in these situations is very important to think that a garment itself is not the most important, most important is as combined, is that if you look at the magazines usually think “go well dressed” but if we ...

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What to look in pajamas for women?

womens pajamas

It is amazing to think that the womens pajamas are one of the most used clothes everyday and put less attention. Every night to bed we turned to these pieces of soft fabric and comfortable cut that allow us to move freely at the same time while we are sheltered. The quality of the night’s sleep depends on our energy ...

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