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Cocktail dresses for teens

Cocktail dresses for teens

Before start talking about this kind of garments, we need to clarify the concept. What exactly is a cocktail dress and how it differs from other types of dresses of elegantly cut? The cocktails are celebrations that we should not avoid several times a year: it is common for weddings, communions, conferences or awards end up or start in this ...

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Myths and truths of the world of beauty

beauty myths and truths

There are countless tips and tricks of beauty, but what is that rely on? There are many things we do not know or those who have a misconception. When it comes to caring for our bodies, we must be careful and know what good practice. There are many myths about beauty and body care. It is therefore important separates the ...

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The male gets into our closet

boyfriend trend

The boyfriend trend is gradually introduced to our styling. First it was the wide jeans, but its great success among the famous has done that expand to other garments. Now or supplements are fought. The temptation to take borrow the clothes of our boyfriend has always been there and we could have given ourselves the pleasure of taking it when ...

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Vintage Accessories for your wedding!

vintage accessories

Perhaps you remember the pictures of the wedding of your grandparents. Straight dresses, high waists, brooches, embroidery and pearls. Look back at those pictures because now the vintage also has a place in the trends for brides. The retro spirit not only has taken over the more casual fashion. Now brides also joined in this trend that is reflected, in ...

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Trends of summer: do you know the flatforms?

flatform shoes

The trend flatforms are somewhat difficult to carry, since not everyone likes the fact they do, and however, we can say that there are some that caught our attention. This shoe comes from creating a flat platform, bringing together the words “flat” and “platforms” on a new concept. We have seen this trend timidly in some fashion shows from top ...

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Fashion Trends: Adapt your glasses to your looks!

glasses look

Sun’s rays are very treacherous. It is therefore extremely important to think about the welfare of our eyes. The best solution? Good sunglasses. But if you are design, better than better. Although we go further. Have you ever thought what it would take more than a pair of glasses to suit all your looks depending on color, shape and what ...

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Lingerie for pregnant women

maternity lingerie

Who says you can not wear the more intimate side of a pregnant woman with style and sensuality? Attentive to the following maternity lingerie. How exciting, finally pregnant! The initial joy gradually fades when the mother realizes that clothes no longer work, that should change in size, leave the high heels and worst¡ renew your lingerie!

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Hairstyles: Long Hair … No problem!

long hair

For none of us is a secret that the hair can be an important weapon of seduction but nothing more terrible than a long and unkempt hair: dull, split ends, dry. Forget about it and discover that you must stop doing and what steps to take to have it beautiful and perfect. Like everything that has to do with the ...

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Step by Step: Discover the look more Folk!

look more Folk

You’ll love the delicacy of this hairstyle so be careful. It has a modern but mixes with a classic style to Victorian. And now we show you how to certify these at home. Sober and balanced. This hair consists of a smooth part and another collection. And behind a bit it is set to create a texture of the nest, ...

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Beauty Tips: Combat dark circles!

combat dark circles

One night of poor sleep, weeks of exhaustion, congestion and colds or hereditary factors can diminish vitality to our eyes, making dark circles protagonists. Here give you some beauty tips to make it go unnoticed. Saving the exceptions where the dark circles are the result of genetic load, this sign usually appears when we have not rested enough, and manifested ...

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