Basic coat that you must have to protect yourself from the cold, with style!

At last, the cold! After the late summer and that strange time of the last weeks of October, give way to the trends of winter, so we can finally put on our coats and all the accessories we had waiting in our closet.

basic coat

To begin, we must say that have never been more fashionable coats: marbled, XXL, pastel shades, the layer style… What before was once a garment simply to protect us from the cold now is a not only fundamental complement for it’s practical, but very important also to make our look completely current and trendy.

And if we talk about must have, we cannot spend one complement key in a matter of autumn/winter fashion this season: the layers! We have already discussed in countless occasions that are the surprise and the mandatory pledge of time. Not only for use as shelter over other clothes, but that ‘poncho’ or loose style is in sweaters, jackets… anything goes with this kind of trend!

But if we seek concrete accessories, not clothes like such, then we would be talking about those supplements whose function is to decorate the look. For example, we propose a hat, never been taken so and we can choose it according to our needs: with wing, round style cap… The bottom line is that we make the most of whatever pieces of clothing we have thought to combine.

The same applies to the stoles, add another star of the season, in addition to having the clear coat function, and also help us for the outfits in question shine by itself only. Carry a cape or poncho for both special occasions and for street style is the best decision.

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