Both Beyonce and Shakira, and many other celebrities, have curly hair, hard and difficult to tame. However, all of them, give waves to your hair, straighten or curl it whenever want without your hair have a poor appearance and, above all, without frizz.

eliminate frizz hair

How do you get? Where is the trick: the instruments with what they comb, lifestyle? Here we will reveal how to get end up with frizzy hair.

Follow these beauty tips and forgetting the frizz hair:

  • Wash the hair with warm water and done with a cold shower. Too hot water can damage your hair.
  • Use mask on a regular basis and at least once a week, leave it on about 10 minutes especially during the warmer months when the hair is more dry. If your hair tends to curl very easily, once a week, do as Beyonce: turn to non-rinse conditioners for sure to be nurturing your hair well.
  • Once you’ve washed hair, proceed to dry it. Our advice is to dry hair by rubbing with a towel because the only thing that you will obtain is to break down the cuticle. Choosing to heat instruments but always at a medium temperature, not too high.
  • Combing you hair, use brushes that do not damage the hair. What are they? We highly recommend the combs of natural fiber or wood but never metal since it activated static electricity.
  • Many women, to complete their look, put foams and coatings. If you want to eliminate frizz, avoid these products because its dry the hair and only it will be easier for frizz.

In addition, as more healthy the hair is, unless it is curl. For this reason, we recommend that you cut your hair every two months to keep you healthy and prevent split ends that frizz ease. Finally, the haircut also helps combat frizz. Why do you think Beyonce and Shakira often opt for long hair? Well because long hair helps to curl and less frizz because it weighs more.

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