Beauty Tips: Steps for Perfect Nails

There is nothing more terrible nails than with the scaly enamel, yellow, lifeless or brittle. No more!, Find out how to have it perfect in 5 steps.

perfect nails

No need to be stuck in the head hairdresser to have a hand with clean and tidy, just requires some attention and following exactly a quintet of infallible tips.

  • Always removes very well the previous enamel, grease and dirt before you get a new manicure or settle your nails. Then you can cut or file it according to your preference.
  • Do not use metal files, prefer those of cardboard that are much more soft and gentle. It always files the nail from the outside towards the center following only one direction, and then changing direction could cause it to be scale off and weaken.
  • Use a special cream to soften your cuticles, puts hands in water a few minutes with the cream and then with an orange stick push back the cuticle. Prevents cut it unless it is necessary, since it is responsible to protect the nail in its birth.
  • Apply a moisturizer for hands and nails. Let it soak for a few minutes and then apply the polish, always starting with a transparent basis to protect your nails and avoid, if possible, to turn yellow.
  • Don’t forget to finish another coat of clear enamel to better protect the color and then a blotter for that in a few minutes your manicure is perfect and reduce damage.

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