Beauty tips to look younger

Over time, we all want younger ourselves. Today we bring some beauty tips to look younger. Are prepared to put these tips into practice? Read on to boast a younger face!

tips to look younger

It is important to note that the makeup is as different as we age. And hence the importance of going up changing habits and products, according to our age. When apply ourselves mascara, we recommend enhancing the upper lashes, applying little mask in the lower. If we pass in the zone of the below eyelashes, it will increase dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes. You can also opt for an eyelash curler to increase its volume. In addition, we also recommend using gel or pencil eyeliner, rather than liquid.

The eyebrow is another issue to enhance to look younger. Fill them to the fullest, creating a thick and healthy eyebrow. And with age, lose our hair eyebrows: hence the importance of giving volume as we will rejuvenate. Skin hydration is also essential: not just the face. We recommend applying moisturizing and regenerating hand cream to prevent state from betray us.

Other beauty tips to take into account are using a soft blusher and dispense with the more aggressive contouring. For lips, we recommend opting for lip gloss or shades lighter lipsticks because they provide light to the face. If you want to use a darker shade, make sure that have a bit of shine and moisturizing.

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