There are little tricks that can help us make the most of our natural beauty. See some of them below.

perfect skin

Perfect your skin
Did you know that powders help us to conceal pores and excess shine? The key knows how to apply it correctly. Free and compact, just use it in areas of the face where the fat accumulates: forehead, nose and chin.

In addition to dramatically improve the appearance of your skin, the powder will help you set and maintain intact longer concealer and foundation you’ve used. Another utility? Try to apply some powder in your mouth before you paint your lips. The color will last longer. It works!

Stop granites
If a grain has dawned on your face and do not know what to do to camouflage, quiet, we have the solution. If it is Reddish, you must use a green concealer. The key is to apply a very small amount with the aid of a cotton swab. Do not rub, just do gentle pressure. To match the tone rest of the face, apply a little compact base and a thin layer of dust.

If the granite is white, you should do the reverse. First apply your foundation, and then concealer, always half shade darker than your complexion.

Dyed hair longer
For our new hair color last longer and can be clarified with the continuous washing, it is important the right choice of shampoo we use. The best products for dyed hair are those that contain sulfates, as are the softer for a mane subjected constantly to new colorations.

To succeed in your purchase, pay attention to ingredients containing antioxidants such as tocopherol, or silicones. To strengthen your hair, bet for those with active repairers. Search for containing proteins such as keratin and wheat.

Match your facial cream
Multifunction: for greater efficiency, look no benefit only one, but several in the same product. For example, when choosing your antiaging cream, plus the need to reduce wrinkles, also combat other signs, such as the appearance of spots and reducing blemishes.

Try it before: When we are going to choose our facial cream, often we are tempted by the big cosmetic companies, and sometimes we’re wrong because it is not the product that best suits our skin. To see if your skin’s well tolerated, let the dependent advice or request a sample and apply it for several days to test its texture.

Recycling which unused: if your face cream not just convinced, before throwing it, take it to other parts of the body. For example, anti-aging creams can apply in the hands. If it is a nourishing cream, use it in dry areas such as elbows, knees or feet.

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