The dark circles under the eyes, the bags and the legs of roosters are the first three traits that betray the passage of the years in our face. To curb the emergence of the first lines of expression, it is necessary to follow some minimum care and pamper our skin every day. Below you will discover how to get it.

look younger

Objective: Reduces the bags
The skin around the eyes is so delicate that it is five times thinner than that of the rest of the face. One of the main reasons by which the bags appear is due to the fluid retention or to the overweight. If you think that your bags are caused by problems of microcirculation, use a contour that has lubricating properties and serve to relieve congestion on the area. In this case, bet for the applicators roll-on.

Stop dark circles
One of the golden rules to dawn with a radiant and rested face is to sleep 8 hours. After a good night’s sleep, fatigue traits disappear instantly. As it happens with the bags, draining assets are most effective to get rid of dark circles in shades of purple. If on the other hand, has dawned with a brownish dark circles, then the weapon more effective is to use a contour skin lightening excess of melanin.

Just with the crows feet
The dreaded Crow’s feet appear by a continuous and daily repetition of our habitual gestures. Therefore, with the eye contour is not enough. Power its effect with patches or serums. To use the creams in the eye contour area, it is preferable that you hit the skin with gentle little touches, rather than rub it as we do with our daily moisturizing.

Clears the bar code
The barcode is the manner in which professionals call the small wrinkles that form around the upper lip. To begin to erase the first signs, bet on a lip contour to be moisturizer, and in addition, nutritional, because with the passage of years lips decrease its thickness and as a result, the first lines of expression are formed around mouth.

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