Become the queen of the ‘street’ style by mixing prints

Mixing prints is fashionable. Pictures with diamonds, stripes with floral prints, leopard tartan… This winter, the most impossible combinations are creating trend and becoming the protagonists of the streets. Therefore, if you want to become queens of street style, bet by mixing prints and pay attention to the manual that we offer below.

mixing prints

The celebrities abuse of this trend and, although it seems to be easy to get, there is nothing more complicated to get a mix of prints to feel well. And that combine different patterns requires style and taste.

If you also want to bet on the mix of prints not turn you into the laughing stock around the world, pay attention to the styling tips that we offer.

Different patterns, different colors: Creativity! If you are daring to wear a style that mixes different prints, risk and combine different colors, do not bet only for one. Break with the chromatic range will give a touch of fun to your look but remember the basic rules of styling: pink and red never together, black and brown impossible … One thing does not remove the other!

Prints of different sizes: A good way of hitting with a look of several prints is to combine a stamping of large dimensions with other smaller ones. In this way, one will prevail over the other and your style will get some balance. You decide what pattern you want to be the protagonist!

The combination of geometric prints, a success: Mixing geometric prints is always a hit as, for example, polka dots with stripes, squares with diamonds… However the mixture of animal and floral print is the worst mistake that you can never commit, avoid it!

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