Belts: Synonymous with elegance and femininity

Each season, comes a new collection that is given importance to the belts as accessories and complement fashion. Belts not only accompany your pants, but now these are a touch of class to your entire wardrobe.

combine belt

These are great to combine with your clothes, give you an elegant and stylish! You can wear over your clothes, so are tops, dresses, skirts, jackets and coats.

There are many types and variety … here are some tips:
There are the formal and informal belts, depending on the occasion will be the go to choice. The finest and brightest are the most formal. Casual Belts allow you a little more flexibility! We recommend that you have one of each type in your wardrobe!

You can choose them in the black, brown, white and camel colors. These can not miss in your wardrobe, are trendy and go with everything!

combine belt

Leather is a material that can not forget, whether natural or synthetic; give this exclusive look giving you confidence in the way you dress!

Always remember …

  • Combine your belts with your footwear.
  • Play with the proportions and colors.
  • Choose the more feminine, so be discreet if you are classic or lush if you’re challenging… What matters is give a touch to your style!

You can choose your belt …

  • Stamped animal print
  • Stretch
  • Lush buckles
  • Silver or gold
  • With studs, rivets, plaited or extra long.

If you know combine well your belt, you can add style and elegance to the garment easier.

We recommend that you keep your belts hung upright and away from the sun! It’s best to leave them at the door of your wardrobe! Belts are the essential complement to this season; the idea is to get them adjusted to emphasize your waist.

You know! There are of different colors, textures and styles, so you just learn to combine it with your clothes…

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