Bold eyebrows, XXL Eyebrows!

From small we are obsessed with our eyebrows. If too thick or long we started, at an early age, to shape and remove more and more hair. Good or bad? Well now demonstrated that smoking is very harmful.

bold eyebrows

The reason is that, as we remove hairs, the root loses strength and we are being left with too thin eyebrows, you may not grow back as strongly as they had. It’s not like our hair that if we cut, grows back the same. Eyebrows are a very delicate. Therefore, we always recommend that before you do it, go to a specialist.

Did you know that each shape of the face is well suited to a form of eyebrows? What if the eyebrows are not appropriate for your faction, you can make your face lose beauty? It is a component that we do not give much importance. But you like the eyes or like the lips.

Those who know what role play the eyebrows in not only appearance of our face but also personalities are the famous. You’ve seen many celebrities with thick eyebrows, dark and powerful. They want to take them well. Have you ever wondered why?

It’s simple. The more personality emerges from your eyebrows more character you shine toward the other. Bold brows are characteristics of strong girls, with sense of humor, daring and temperament.

But do not think that bold eyebrows mean to forget its cares. On the contrary because the carry thicker than normal and to keep its original form requires every day shape for that unnecessary hairs not creep.

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