Bored with your hair? Become a radical change

Straight, curly, wavy, long blonde … There are countless ways to look hair, although sometimes a bit hard for us to change for fear that the result is not expected, a good haircut will help you transform your style and give a twist to your look.

chage hairstyle

Sure that more than once you’ve wanted to change your hair completely and give it a radical cut. If you are thinking of it, better get in hands of good people to wait forever for your precious hair grows back. In the hairdressers propose you completely change the style of your hair quickly and on the same basis of your previous cut, achieving a totally opposite style and different from your usual cut.

From straight to textured: Do you have too smooth hair? Without grace?, give more life to your hair choosing for pronounced waves that have give this informal look – formally for that so much you look or do to yourself curls wound to the purest style of Jackson five.

From curly to straight: if instead your hair is too curly and you do not know what to do with it, you can get an easy smoothed by a serum that will give more weight and a small meeting with the iron.

chage hairstyle

From Pixie to sculptural: If you think that for carrying the short hair does not look different you can make these very confused. Short hair allows you to work the entire front to give a different feel to your short hair: using wax of medium strength, high, bright, dull … you can give a turn to your hair even though it is not too long.

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