Bow tie Hairstyle

Thinking about how your hair looks and sees this holiday practicing sophisticated hairstyles. We will help you.

bow tie hairstyle

The monkey is fashionable is not a surprise. On the catwalk many proposals. Whether long, short, medium, strap, disheveled or bagel-style. Lots of styles to bring this classic to any time.

This week, we go a little further and we present the bow tie, a simple and sophisticated collected which complement your look with an extra dose of elegance and will be long hairstyles.

We provide the very easy step by step to obtain the bow tie without going out of house. Mindful of the five tips that the result is worthy of an expert.

Step 1: Recollect hair as a low ponytail and apply some hair gel, hair spray or serum to set the hair. It is important to use a comb to give direction to the hair while you queue.

Step 2: Take a lock of hair from the center of the ponytail and twist it into paste. Help yourself to the forks of cover and clip to prevent display.

Step 3: To create the bow tie, divide the ponytail into two. Roll one of the two strands of hair and bring closer it to the head. Hold it with a forked clip.

Step 4: Repeat the same operation with the other strand of hair and secure it with another fork clip, it is the most suitable for this type of hairstyles.

Step 5: Now it’s time to let loose with the center that we had used to cover the rubber if we want to achieve a ponytail effect or we can insert it into the bun. This last step will depend on our imagination.

If your hair is short you can also try it and your hairstyle will be the short hairstyles

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