Brain Piercing: Tendency or Madness?

As time has passed, piercings have ceased to be a reflection of cultural, religious and spiritual values ​​to become simply an element of aesthetic character. In our modern society, piercings are part of the fashion and trends that we follow, many even become addicted to them and end up with no space in their body to be able to get more.

However, like any other fashion, the piercing is not far behind and continues to innovate to surprise us or make us remain stunned.

We are talking about the brain piercings and although it seems a joke, it is something real like any other more traditional piercing. The procedure consists of drilling two small holes in the skull, in order to be able to insert a metal ring through them. As it is a more painful and complicated perforation than normal, it is important that the entire procedure is carried out under the effects of the anesthesia.

The most outlandish of all is that the metal ring slightly touches the brain tissue, making those who feel it perform a kind of massage that generates a sense of pleasure and constant euphoria. For this reason many say that this new and crazy trend could be the substitute for many drugs, in addition to a too extreme tendency. However, it is not the first time that a piercing is used as a stimulant, since the famous genital piercings most of the times are realized to make the more pleasant sexual intercourse.

Anyway, the problem is that many experts claim that this piercing can cause major irreparable damage to brain tissue, but apparently there is a risk that many ignore, and have preferred to do so in order to be constantly under a similar effect to the drugs. So: tendency or madness? Judge yourselves.

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