Buckle boots for fall, yes or no?

With the death throes of summer, whenever they arrive this time of year begin to bombard us with new fashion campaigns that will arrive and with clothing, apparel, footwear and accessories that will be coming soon. That is why, although we still put wedges and sandals, we already began to see in stores, shoes, boots and booties that combine shortly with sweaters and winter coats.

buckle boots

In this case, we refer to a particular piece that will become one of the star accessories in a matter of footwear, and although it will take over everything, we do not know whether or not we are convinced: the boots with buckle.

For many women, this motif is framed in this shoe in question is the most trendy, it is really going to take the next fall/winter, and the sooner you know, much better. However, for many others it’s just a flick of the past without much sense that will not feel too comfortable with us.

So how can we decide whether we take it or not? For starters, if we are not convinced at all we can think about boots that do not carry a too large buckle, i.e., that although we have incorporated, is not something that protrudes, and therefore, in this way we will take it to all ways, until we get to accustomed. We may also think of a detachable buckle that wearing it but that can be removed in a given time automatically.

But if we are completely sure of what we want, then it is the key moment to be able to look like nobody these buckles so typical of the 1990s, which made us feel great with our new look at all times this fall.

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