Butterfly effect in eye

The warm weather has arrived and with it new makeup trends. Here we reveal all the tricks to fill your eyes with the explosion of butterfly color and get a look risky and shocking.

butterfly effect

To achieve this makeup so striking hand need to have shadows in bright, cheerful colors, as an intense electric blue, green high or bold citrus tone. Since we are going to bet on one of the colors for this season: a spectacular purple.

Butterfly Wings
Being colorations so strong, it is advisable that you choose shadows in gel texture to achieve a greater fastening and a flawless look for hours, which gives Maybelline Color Tattoo. To achieve the desired effect, apply the shadow from the middle of the eyelid to the outside, blurring it well to avoid possible cuts.

As we want is that our eyes resemble the wings of a butterfly, the product also extends to the arch of the eyebrow to a more exaggerated. A professional trick is to blend the shadow to the outside of the eye, towards the temples.

Color degradation
Choose now a tone of the same range but a little clearer to fill the inside of the eyelid. Apply it with small touches taking the color toward the key used previously: in this way, the two shadows are mangled and get a degradation of color, which will bring a motion effect to our eyes.

Add a touch of brightness to our look with a beige shade applied just below the eyebrow. Gets a more striking look extending this color to the lacrimal.

Finishing touches
Frame eyes look flush outlining your upper lash. Make eyes wider stroke leading to the tear. Finally, apply several layers of lashes with volume effect. Ready!

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