Casual bun: Hairstyle for all outfits

Surely more than one day you slept with half wet hair after a shower and the next morning your hair were indomitable. We bring you an ideal hairstyle for such occasions or for those rainy days where loose hair looks rather limited because of the humidity.

Casual bun

High bun, half disheveled, we go with almost all outfits, whether casual or elegant. You just need two minutes, a scrunchie, a fine pick comb, hairpins and hairspray to set.

Hold your hair in a high ponytail, pony. Then brush the ponytail well, although we have little hair, create a voluminous effect. Wrap the ponytail on itself while you place it around the scrunchie. Finally hold it with the help of a fork. Remember to leave loose strands, so it looks very naturally. Do not forget to fix it with hairspray.

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