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Although too many it may seem incredible, fashion and accessories that are able to designate as is the personality of the person wearing them. In this case, we refer entirely to handbags, because from we believe that every woman designates a complement as well as their own personality, and thisRead More →

bags for men

The men’s bags have been a taboo in the society for many years now, leaving aside the case of work, it is believed that handbags are more female than for the male gender because so decided the world, but if you are male you know that often need a placeRead More →

tote bag against paper bag

Handbags are a “must have” in the life of a woman. Never goes out of fashion and, at times, even become the protagonists of the season, as it has happened this winter. And it is that, from the smaller party clutches to the large shopping bag for shopping, there areRead More →

summer handbags

Handbags come in all styles, shapes and colors, evoking a past, a retro or perhaps seek to represent the future and used materials and highly innovative and futuristic shapes. And the aim of each one is creating an identity, build a relationship with each girl and that there is aRead More →

Beach bags

The beach is going to style and choose the bag or carrycot with stepping on the sand is not a decision that can be left to chance. Attentive to our cheap & chic selection. Bikini found, slippers ready, pareo to point … but: what about the bag? The classic beachRead More →

leather portfolios

In the current contemporary world, your image is pretty important, especially if you are a business person. It is because that image may affect your reputation, and reputation builds trust! You can also build a great image with the help of leather portfolios, and professional dressing style. It is prettyRead More →

paper bag

The magic returns to our closet accessories. If winter has kept us in a few days, look our new acquisitions, quiet. Because the sun breaks through to allow return to give free rein to our style. And the new commitments of supplements, in particular, handbags, are the paper bags. SomeRead More →


This trend has several seasons appearing timid and sporadic form in walkways and in stores. But it seems that this year, we will have to be prepared with a backpack. It is a question of a complement in which to take everything in a most comfortable way is possible. EverythingRead More →

leather handbags

For a woman there is no better accessory than a good portfolio, with a choice that in many cases comes to be enhancer look full. But any kind of portfolio does not work, you must have at least one for every occasion, whether festive galas or more serious, but firstRead More →

burberry handbags

Not only women have large and colorful handbags, this fall collection Burberry Prorsum for men they can give variety to our look and could almost guarantee that many of us will envy it. Yes, handbags were always intended for women, but today there are many men who carry handbags andRead More →