Facial Cleansing: Why is it important to do it regularly?

facial cleansing regularly

It is very important for the health of our facial skin, and for this, it is necessary to perform a complete facial cleansing regularly, because although we wash the face several times each day and use cosmetic cleanliness products daily, there are always impurities that clog the pores little by little and end up causing the skin tone of the ...

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Natural masks against the open pores

masks against open pores

The open pores are quite common, which makes women often use more foundation and sometimes also men not like it at all. We will discuss some points on the open pores and will see some homemade masks that can be done to help close them and improve the appearance of the skin. Why do it occur? Dilated pores are related, ...

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Beauty tips for perfect eyebrows

perfect eyebrows

The eyebrows are also an important part of our face: our expression depends on them, while giving the appropriate framework to eyes and look. On this occasion, we have some beauty tricks to make your eyebrows look beautiful and well maintained, beyond the shape, volume and color that depend on each woman. The form Although each one has a specific ...

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Why skin exfoliation is so important?

skin exfoliation

Often speaks to the skin exfoliation and how positive it is for your health and esthetics to do it often but: why? In this article we told you what these good reasons are. In principle, remember that to reap the benefits of exfoliation it is advisable to do so once a week. Exfoliation basically serves to remove the upper layer ...

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Home remedies against dandruff

against dandruff

The dandruff is a fairly common problem which is not only unsightly but can also cause itching and discomfort in the scalp to better prevent and/or stop. It is caused by the growth of bacteria and fungus that causes the MF or Malassezia Furfur, which provokes that the skin becomes detached in scales of dry skin and accumulate in the ...

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Beauty tips to look younger

tips to look younger

Over time, we all want younger ourselves. Today we bring some beauty tips to look younger. Are prepared to put these tips into practice? Read on to boast a younger face! It is important to note that the makeup is as different as we age. And hence the importance of going up changing habits and products, according to our age. ...

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Scrubs and creams to look perfect lips

dry lips

The lips are a part of our body very tending to dry because the overlying skin is very thin. The passage of time, the consumption of snuff or excessive gestures are just some of the main reasons for which the lips to part of dried off, if they do not receive proper care, can aging even in prematurely. The lips ...

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Home remedies to have shiny hair

have shiny hair

The hair is a very important part in our body because, along with the face, the first thing that you see. For this reason, we usually look after very much these two parts to appear healthy and beauty. With the heat and exposure to the Sun, the uncovered parts of the body, as the face, dry out, and hair also ...

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Tricks to hide the redness of the skin

hide the redness of the skin

Surely all of us have suffered acne, pimples or redness on the skin of the face. Women are used to having to deal with these aesthetic problems that repeatedly can affect our self-esteem and cause a real problem. We give you some beauty tips to hide the redness of the face and thus power. Take note! The basic trick to ...

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Learn how to prevent wrinkles around the eyes

prevent wrinkles

The area around the eyes is the most delicate of our face, an area that besides sensible affected consistently by all the gestures that we make, it is therefore important to take care of it to the maximum to avoid premature aging. It is impossible to ignore: our eye area is the first area that begins to show the passage ...

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