How to remove corns on feet

remove corns on feet

Corns are a problem not only affects the aesthetics of our feet but also can potentially cause pain and discomfort. Therefore here we explain you how to remove and how to avoid them so it do not reappear. To remove the calluses on the feet, better is to go to a podiatrist for a session of filing. We are going ...

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Benefits of scrubs: Recover your natural beauty!

benefits of scrubs

The exfoliating cream is like a first aid for our beauty because it improves skin appearance quickly, easily and effectively. In addition, these products are excellent for increasing the effectiveness of the treatments because it penetrates better on the clean skin. Add an exfoliating product to our beauty routines is always a good investment. Exfoliation can be done mechanically with ...

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How to make a facial mask for blackheads

facial mask for blackheads

The blackheads or open comedones, occur when a blocked pore opens on the surface of the skin causing the characteristic black color. A common symptom of acne, blackheads usually go away on their own over time, although some home remedies can accelerate the process. Recommend using a natural absorbent clay mask, at least once a week in areas prone to ...

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Beauty tips for moms with little time

beauty tips for moms

If there is anything that match almost all first-time mothers and workers is the lack of time for themselves. Raising a baby and attend professional commitments is quite a balancing act, however much support and collaboration that we have thanks to our partners or external relatives. It is therefore necessary that we clarify some key points or alternative beauty if ...

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Learn to preserve your eyelashes

preserve eyelashes

If there is something to all of us, we like to be perfect, these are the eyelashes. They are lush, long, thick and very numerous is something that concerns us, and age over time or lifestyle can contribute to disappear. If we want to keep them in depth, it is necessary that we make certain efforts of beauty or that ...

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How to maintain good nails

maintain good nails

Maintaining good nails requires more time and effort than we think. Many women will apply a hand cream every morning and will polish their nails and you believe that this care is sufficient because seemingly a few elegant and nice hands are seen, but it is not like that. The hands and, especially, the nails need attention. To keep them ...

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Lengthen your eyelashes naturally

lengthens eyelashes

Glowing beautiful eyelashes which attract all the looks does not happen necessarily for using makeup. We give you some tips to lengthen your eyelashes naturally. Although the mascara is one of our more infallible allies at the time of make-up to get a look of impact, it is possible to improve the size and appearance of eyelashes using natural remedies ...

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Get a softer arms

softer arms

With the arrival of warm weather, we all want to get in tune for our skin is in perfect condition at all times. That is, every part of our body has a silky dermis, healthy and beautiful at all times, and do not suffer in any instant. In this case, we look at the beauty and health of our arms. ...

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Five beauty tips that every woman should know

celebrity beauty tips

Be beautiful and perfect does not mean spending hours and hours locked in the bathroom, in front of the mirror, creams and makeup hold fast without stopping. To look good you must know only five ‘tips’ of essential beauty. The importance of moisturizers Sometimes we underestimate the power of moisturizers and sometimes even fail to use them. Moisturizers are essential ...

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