Tips to increase the volume of your hair

increase hair volume

Having straight hair often compromises the volume of our hair. We know, that’s why we give you some tips to help you show off volume of your hair. Many girls with smooth or straight hair complain about the lack of volume of this type of hair, which constantly require care to not always look lumpy. Fortunately there are several simple ...

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Extend your summer tan easily

summer tan

A few days on the beach or in the mountains and our skin loses the horrible whitish color that accompanies us throughout the winter. We know that too much sun is harmful and should never expose it without protection, but it is true that in the right amount gives us a nice skin tone, that makes us more beautiful. The ...

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Natural masks to lighten your skin

natural mask

Sun exposure, environmental factors and some bad habits can make our skin gets darker over time. Fortunately there are natural solutions to restore its original color. Besides using forever, and always refer even to the days of winter, sunscreen, there are other options to go slowly clearing the skin and prevent darkening or spotting, so characteristic of the excesses summer. ...

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Summer Beauty Tips

summer beauty tips

To look and feel good about yourself, then show you some practical beauty tips. Get the most out of your makeup kit and boasts face this summer. Lip rouge The red color is infallible to succeed in our makeup either winter or summer. Seductive and very feminine, this tone takes over our lips both day and night. But what shade ...

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Hydrated skin: Tips to have a glowing complexion!

hydrated skin

With the arrival of warm weather and increasingly intense sun, our skin begins to feel the effects: dehydration, dryness and even peeling. Put stop before they get worse and discover how to get a skin fresh and juicy 24 hours a day. Below we will reveal all the keys to show off skin this spring. The choice of moisturizing products ...

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Beauty tricks to look and feel great

perfect skin

There are little tricks that can help us make the most of our natural beauty. See some of them below. Perfect your skin Did you know that powders help us to conceal pores and excess shine? The key knows how to apply it correctly. Free and compact, just use it in areas of the face where the fat accumulates: forehead, ...

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Prepare your body for spring!

prepare body for spring

Little by little the good time is coming; in a few weeks, hopefully that few, spring will be here. We will begin to shed the winter clothes, goodbye to scarves, gloves and so on, and to show more parts of our body, but … Are you ready to show them? Do not worry, we still have time, so follow our ...

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Beauty tricks to look younger

look younger

The dark circles under the eyes, the bags and the legs of roosters are the first three traits that betray the passage of the years in our face. To curb the emergence of the first lines of expression, it is necessary to follow some minimum care and pamper our skin every day. Below you will discover how to get it. ...

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How to take care of the wavy hair: tricks for perfect waves!

wavy hair

A beautiful and sexy wave are possible if you know what are the keys to keeping your hair beautiful and healthy. We’ll reveal some secrets that you should not forget. The waves are one of the latest trends regarding hair look is concerned, and all are dying to have some. But those who have lived life with such long hair, ...

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Tips for Chapped Lips

chapped lips

The dry and chapped lips usually have a simple cause and an equally simple solution. Effective and affordable relief for chapped lips can be as simple as changing your habits and reaching the appropriate home remedy. Read these tips to treat and prevent chapped lips. There are several things that can cause chapped lips. Most often the major cause is ...

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