Perfect face for Christmas

We approach the holidays and all want to look beautiful and have a perfect skin for those days of celebration that is coming. Safe interlock shortage photographs, videos and memories for the future … So try to be perfect to see us wonderful within a few years. There are manyRead More →

light brown hair

The light brown hair is one that is located between the black and the blonde dark, pulling a little more towards the latter case, it therefore also be significant as brown. In this regard it may denote either a color that is really like a light-skinned people, with as resultRead More →

hair grow

More than one has happened. Cut the hair and is desperate to see that does not grow. But do not despair. Here we leave some techniques, which although are not magic; it will give you a little help when it comes to your hair grow again. If your hair isRead More →

looking good awakening

How many times we have gotten out of bed with a face full of tired and sleepy? Sometimes, even though put on make-up, dark circles, bags and all the imperfections that reflect a bad face are impossible to hide. Follow these simple tips and dawn with a face more rested!Read More →

use facial cream

Below we will describe the 5 steps that you must follow if you want your creams meet the promised effect. Take a closer look and boasts face. Give us our creams is an essential operation to delay the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes. To achieve a careful and radiant complexionRead More →

easy pedicure

Our feet are one of the body parts that suffer. And suffer more throughout the day: long walks, seedlings of foot, daily walks … So you must reward it with a pedicure session per week to keep it nice and beautiful. With these simple tricks you don’t have to leaveRead More →

silky skin

One of the fundamental steps to get to have a silky skin is exfoliation. It manages to eliminate the dead cells and impurities and hardness that we can have. The advantages are more. It eliminates the pimples that you might have. And it helps to remove the hairs that wereRead More →

celebrity beauty tips

Celebrities and models show a lot of discipline when it comes to keeping their bodies in shape. Each and every one of them has his or her own method of getting fit and staying beautiful. Most models claim that the secret to flawless skin and a slim body is drinkingRead More →

perfect nails

There is nothing more terrible nails than with the scaly enamel, yellow, lifeless or brittle. No more!, Find out how to have it perfect in 5 steps. No need to be stuck in the head hairdresser to have a hand with clean and tidy, just requires some attention and followingRead More →

wrinkle eye contour

In the fight against aging … Are you going to allow the area that frames your eyes look like you have many more years? Discover how to care for this important area! The laughter that makes us so happy, gestures of surprise, joy, annoyance … everything is printed on ourRead More →