Fashion Accessories

Star turn: Raffia hats

raffia hats

Sometimes, when we want to build a fashion look about what we’re going to put on a certain day, although the garments are very simple and comfortable, accessories make the difference. Having the ideal complement will always wonderful when we go out into the street, and we are against the order of street style that belongs to us. Therefore, in ...

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The glasses of the moment

sunglasses at the time

The sun and the warm weather arrive, and with it, sunglasses begin to invade the streets and shops. If you are thinking about buying one and don’t know which are more attentive note to our advice to wear sunglasses at the time. The sunglasses are the perfect complement, help sophisticate the styles, or do more sports; it all depends on ...

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Trend: Round Sunglasses

round sunglasses

It is undeniable: it is a trend that is here to stay. After the cat glasses, must of the square glasses, and everything what has to do with what has been in question for sunglasses, finally they stand as chosen by all of us for this spring/summer: takes the round! Although it may seem a priori thing of the past, ...

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The best accessories for your hair

hair accessories

The hair has become many years the king that attracts all eyes. A lackluster hair off a look, however, a live, healthy hair and care, just enhance it. We present the best accessories to look perfect hair. Today, there are many accessories for the hair, suitable for all types of hair: wavy, curly, straight, short, long… So in this article, ...

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Types of hats that will mark your personality

types of hat

The type of hat a woman uses defines her personality and style. Besides acting as a protection for the head, a hat also adds to the style and elegance. There is a wide variety of hats available in the market. One can choose according to her dress and occasion. Here is a list of 10 types of hats that can ...

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Belts: Synonymous with elegance and femininity

combine belt

Each season, comes a new collection that is given importance to the belts as accessories and complement fashion. Belts not only accompany your pants, but now these are a touch of class to your entire wardrobe. These are great to combine with your clothes, give you an elegant and stylish! You can wear over your clothes, so are tops, dresses, ...

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The most striking accessories for fall

accessories for fall

This fall is most striking trend supplements. And yes, you can dare them even during the day. They say the bloggers, streetstyle and goes to church. Do not have a necklace that captures attention wherever you go church? Well, wait no longer. If you have no idea which one to buy, here are some clues. The Baroque style is carried ...

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Turbans, hair ornament!


Although sometimes we look further into the styling supplements we carry in our day to day, and that focus on jewelry or scarves, there are other accessories that go beyond the actual outfit. These are the ornaments that can be worn on the head to complete the hair look and giving a distinctive touch to the woman who decide to ...

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Style in looks

trends in sunglasses

The trends in sunglasses are imposing a John Lennon style, characterized by the roundness of the framework and the use of color overtones, although there may be perfect and less flashy styles for more conservative. It all depends on taste. This season the lenses are not left behind to impose their style and master new trends and the icon turned ...

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Women’s Sunglass Trends 2013

womens sunglass

While classics never go out of style, there are also specific trends you may want to try out. Participating in sunglass trends is not just fashionable, but smart, as unlike with other fashion trends, you can don your shades all year long, without regard to the weather. If you’re unsure of what you need to be looking for, take a ...

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